Thursday, December 19, 2013

Island Wonders

On one beautiful morning I have got in trouble when she went to the movie last night with Mat her boyfriend without telling her parents. Not until then that they knew she had a boyfriend either. They were really mad and so was Ivy. I have decided to pick up her phone and text her best friend Violet and asked if she wanted to "escape her mad house also know as runs away." She said she'd think about it and then she texted all her other friends. She got a response from Matt, and said that he would do what every I have wanted him to do so I have checked off his name on her check list. So far she had 2 people going on her trip. Then she got a response from Violet and said that she just got in trouble too so she was in. That's all the people she wanted to come so she told them all to pack their clothes and get ready. "We leave at midnight" she said to Matt and Violet. They all replied as "okay" and mat said, "I know someone who can fly us to Russia." Violet and Ivy said, "Okay." By then it was about 7:30 at night, and everyone was getting ready. On the other hand Ivy's brother Jack and Lyla Violet's sister were snooping on their conversations and were calling each other telling what was happening. They made a plan. The plan was to sneak in their bag's and be really quiet. So the plan was on. They snuck into their sibling's rooms and packed a few clothes at the bottom of there bags, so they wouldn't see. It was 11:00 and each family was asleep except the crew (Ivy, Violet, Mat, Jack, and Lyla) and by then Lyla and Jack were already in their bags and decided to bring wakie-takies to talk to each other. Everyone packed money, food, and clothes and plenty of it! They got on the road and about 15 minutes later they got to the airport with a note that said that a plane was reserved for them. All of them boarded the plane and the pilot prepared for take off.  As the 3 talked Jack and Lyla talked very quiet. About 15 minutes later the pilot dropped the breathing cup things and said they ran out of gas. Everyone screamed and Jack and Lyla got worried. Everyone prayed and there was a HUGE crash. Know one was hurt except the pilot. When they got out of the plane, they had a ceremony for the pilot and made a raft. They loaded the pilot on the raft and sent him down the river with a prayer. After that, they all went in the plane, and most of it was destroyed, but a lot of it was okay as well. They sat in the seats of the private plane and started talking. Then they heard a noise and Lyla and Jack crawled out of the suitcases. Everyone got mad at them but then they calmed down and everything was okay. They had a snack that they packed in the bottom of the bag and then rested in the private bedroom because the plane they came in was a private one. Then Violet turned on her phone and it was 6:45 in the morning, but she had no service so she couldn't call for help. They started thinking about how they would get out, and how would they survive. Violet thought to check in the gas tank. If they found any, they would use the magazines in the planes a paper and use the match in mat's bag and start a fire. They decided to do it later and to make a whole plan before they went out in to the wilderness that they've never explored. They got very tired, so they took apart the bed and shared blankets. The person on the bed didn't get a blanket though. Jack and Lyla slept on the bed, but they got a sheet and it was Lyla's dream come true because Lyla was in the same bed as Jack. After about 2 and a half hour later Ive got up and started to play a game on her phone as everyone kept sleeping. They were very lucky to have a nice plane because it had 2 floors. They hadn't yet discovered the second floor. Matt found a door in the ceiling, and it had a handle. He pulled it, and a staircase came down. There was a second floor. He said to everyone, "I found a second floor," and everyone came running. They went up the staircase, and there was a fully stocked kitchen, a bright orange room with a couch and TV. They kept exploring, and they found 7 bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower. Everyone was amazed. This was probably Taylor Swift's plane! Ive found some steak in the fridge in the kitchen. She took it out and Jack and Lyla opened a door of a closet and there was a grill. Matt grilled the steak, and there was some green beans in the frige too. Jack,and Lyla kept exploring, and they found another door and they thought it was another closet. Jack turned the handle, and it was a room with a table in it. Jack and Lyla said together, "We found a place to eat!" The steak was done and so was the green beans. Everyone went to the table, and about 3 minutes later there was a knock at the door. It opened and there was a lady. They invited her in to live with them, and they decided to live there forever. They lived happily ever after!

Pronoun Kitties

Cats on PhotoPeach

Friday, December 6, 2013

A thing I have learned...

       When I was 6 on my brothers birthday we drove to a nearby town called Durango. This was when I lived in Colorado. We went in the this place and on the door it said something like animal Shelter. I didn't know what it meant. I know I loved animals and that is what I think was on the door, but I still had no idea where we were. We went in and I saw lots of kitties and their was a sign that said "Dogs and Puppies----->" We went into the room with the kitties and cats. We saw many different cats and held many different cats. We thought we were going to get salt and paper. They were to kitties that were gray and white. They were adorable! My dad was looking in the room where the rest of the kitties were but salt and pepper were in the front. My dad said to come and look at one cat. His name was Stevo. We came in and we immediately got attached to him. We asked if we could bring him out and they did. He loved us. His old family had to travel over seas and move and they left him behind. :( We said we were going to adopt him so we went to the front

The Concert

                                         My  Favorite Memory
                                            So Far  
One day on my way home from school my mom said that Taylor Swift was playing in Omaha, NE which was only 4 hours away. I love Taylor Swift! She is my idol! I researched some tickets and so did my mom. I was so excited when I found tickets in my mail box! :) I looked over them, over and over and I was ecstatic when I saw we were on the main floor in the 14th row. OH MY GOSH!!! I called my cousin immediately because we are the two #1 fans of Taylor Swift but, she didn't answer! :( So I waited another mins  and called her again, but once again she didn't answer. I called every 15 min. until I had to go to bed. I started a count down and started calling my cousin once a day. The 6th day I called she answered. I said " Guess What, Guess What?" and then she said "WHAT" and I replied...

My ABC Animal Book

 A is for Arctic Fox...
  Arctic Foxes are smaller animals to preserve heat because they live in the arctic.

B is for Bald Eagle...
  Bald Eagles wingspan ranges from 72 to 90 inches. Also most everyone knows that their name is "bald eagle" because they have white heads.  

C is for Chipmunk...
   Chipmunks are very cute. They have brown to reddish brown fur with a black and white stripes running down their backs.

D is for Dolphin...
  Dolphins are highly intelligent animals and are apart of the whale family.

E is for Emu...
  Emu's are Australia's largest bird

F is for Fox...
  Foxes Have beautiful bushy tails and a dog-like face.

More for later but gotta go!

Thanksgiving Story

 This Thanksgiving my family and I flew out to a small town right outside of Denver, Colorado. That's where my Nana (grandma) lives. We arrived on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The flight was pretty good, until we had to pay $100 per bag that we brought on the plane and that was more than our tickets. As we went outside to be picked up by my cousin Kallie and aunt Shelia, Kallie came blasting at me as we moved in for a hug. We put our bags in the car and drove to my Nana's house. That day my Nana was celebrating her belated 80th birthday. She was having a huge party! It was belated because her real birthday was the week before Thanksgiving so she moved to Thanksgiving week so everyone could stay for Thanksgiving too! Her birthday was at this big castle place called the Wellshire. I didn't have anything to wear because I packed casually. I asked Kallie if she had any hand-me-downs for me to wear. She did and in the bag she brought was a pretty red skirt. I had packed a gray sweater with a pink heart in the middle, so I wore that on top. Kallie helped me put my hair up and then we got in the car and drove to the party. When we arrived we put the flower and cake we brought out and all the kids sat down. There was me (10) Chris my brother (13) my cousin Emil (15) his sister Kallie (13) and Moira (21). We sat down and then got board, so we went to this table with drinks. It had lemonade and ice tea. I got lemonade and so did everyone else except for my brother. He got an Arnold Palmer which is Lemonade and Ice Tea. He filled it to full and started laughing and spilled it on the table cloth that know one used yet. I got it cleaned up, and he kept laughing. He didn't spill again, and we went back to the table. Then then this waiter guy came over and asked if we wanted and chicken tenders for an appetizers.
  we said yes and he said it would be about 10 minutes. Then we all got on our iPods and zoned off until we got our chicken tenders. We ate and then people started to arrive. We had dinner and then cake and then we left. Skip forward to Wednesday before thanksgiving. Kallie and I woke up early, and we walked to the library and Starbucks. When we got home my aunt Sheila, uncle Tim took us to King Soopers a grocery store and we started to shop for Thanksgiving. Then we went home, and I went to the neighbor's house to check on their dog. We fed him and took him for a walk. When we were done we took him home. It was getting to about 8:00pm and at nine we were going to pick up my aunt kirsty and my two other cousins Sarah (23) and Pog (patrick-18). While we were waiting we watched a funny show called Portlandia and if you have ever seen Saturday Night Live it's kind of like that. After that it was about 8:45 and Tim went to pick them up at the airport. They came back to my nana's house, and they joined us. They joined us watching Portlandia. I fell asleep but after the last episode they went to a hotel because it was to crowded. The next morning Kallie and I woke up and played our iPods together. Then my aunt Kathy came in and said "Happy thanksgiviaka". At first I was like "WHAT??" but then she told me that it is the start of Hanukkah tomorrow, and then I understood. She asked me if I wanted to take Gypsy the neighbor's dog for a walk and I said yes. After we got back we started to make Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone starting getting up and then Tim, Kirsty, Sarah, Moria, and Patrick came. They came from the hotel. When they got there we started to make the dessert. My uncle Louis started to make apple pie so I helped by peeling apples.
 After a couple apples I peeled my finger and some skin came off. It hurt a lot, so I went screaming in to the bathroom. My grandma had one bandaid and it was 50 years old, but what the heck I used it. Then I took a shower and got dressed. My cousin wanted to experiment with my hair, so she tried a french fishtail braid. It looked really pretty! Then we went upstairs and everyone said we were having dinner in one hour, and they said there was a HUGE pie. I went to look at it and it was like 2 feet across. It was amazing! Then my grandma's friend came and people started to put stuff on the table. I knew dinner time was getting close! Then people started to come to the table. Things were starting to get really fired up! My cousins and I came to the table and one sat at the front. we knew that the person at the end of the table had to say grace so we were freaking out! We looked up a grace and then it was ok. We started to serve and it was delicious! Then had pie and then gathered around the TV for a little Portlandia. My Thanksgiving was wonderful!