Thursday, December 19, 2013

Island Wonders

On one beautiful morning I have got in trouble when she went to the movie last night with Mat her boyfriend without telling her parents. Not until then that they knew she had a boyfriend either. They were really mad and so was Ivy. I have decided to pick up her phone and text her best friend Violet and asked if she wanted to "escape her mad house also know as runs away." She said she'd think about it and then she texted all her other friends. She got a response from Matt, and said that he would do what every I have wanted him to do so I have checked off his name on her check list. So far she had 2 people going on her trip. Then she got a response from Violet and said that she just got in trouble too so she was in. That's all the people she wanted to come so she told them all to pack their clothes and get ready. "We leave at midnight" she said to Matt and Violet. They all replied as "okay" and mat said, "I know someone who can fly us to Russia." Violet and Ivy said, "Okay." By then it was about 7:30 at night, and everyone was getting ready. On the other hand Ivy's brother Jack and Lyla Violet's sister were snooping on their conversations and were calling each other telling what was happening. They made a plan. The plan was to sneak in their bag's and be really quiet. So the plan was on. They snuck into their sibling's rooms and packed a few clothes at the bottom of there bags, so they wouldn't see. It was 11:00 and each family was asleep except the crew (Ivy, Violet, Mat, Jack, and Lyla) and by then Lyla and Jack were already in their bags and decided to bring wakie-takies to talk to each other. Everyone packed money, food, and clothes and plenty of it! They got on the road and about 15 minutes later they got to the airport with a note that said that a plane was reserved for them. All of them boarded the plane and the pilot prepared for take off.  As the 3 talked Jack and Lyla talked very quiet. About 15 minutes later the pilot dropped the breathing cup things and said they ran out of gas. Everyone screamed and Jack and Lyla got worried. Everyone prayed and there was a HUGE crash. Know one was hurt except the pilot. When they got out of the plane, they had a ceremony for the pilot and made a raft. They loaded the pilot on the raft and sent him down the river with a prayer. After that, they all went in the plane, and most of it was destroyed, but a lot of it was okay as well. They sat in the seats of the private plane and started talking. Then they heard a noise and Lyla and Jack crawled out of the suitcases. Everyone got mad at them but then they calmed down and everything was okay. They had a snack that they packed in the bottom of the bag and then rested in the private bedroom because the plane they came in was a private one. Then Violet turned on her phone and it was 6:45 in the morning, but she had no service so she couldn't call for help. They started thinking about how they would get out, and how would they survive. Violet thought to check in the gas tank. If they found any, they would use the magazines in the planes a paper and use the match in mat's bag and start a fire. They decided to do it later and to make a whole plan before they went out in to the wilderness that they've never explored. They got very tired, so they took apart the bed and shared blankets. The person on the bed didn't get a blanket though. Jack and Lyla slept on the bed, but they got a sheet and it was Lyla's dream come true because Lyla was in the same bed as Jack. After about 2 and a half hour later Ive got up and started to play a game on her phone as everyone kept sleeping. They were very lucky to have a nice plane because it had 2 floors. They hadn't yet discovered the second floor. Matt found a door in the ceiling, and it had a handle. He pulled it, and a staircase came down. There was a second floor. He said to everyone, "I found a second floor," and everyone came running. They went up the staircase, and there was a fully stocked kitchen, a bright orange room with a couch and TV. They kept exploring, and they found 7 bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower. Everyone was amazed. This was probably Taylor Swift's plane! Ive found some steak in the fridge in the kitchen. She took it out and Jack and Lyla opened a door of a closet and there was a grill. Matt grilled the steak, and there was some green beans in the frige too. Jack,and Lyla kept exploring, and they found another door and they thought it was another closet. Jack turned the handle, and it was a room with a table in it. Jack and Lyla said together, "We found a place to eat!" The steak was done and so was the green beans. Everyone went to the table, and about 3 minutes later there was a knock at the door. It opened and there was a lady. They invited her in to live with them, and they decided to live there forever. They lived happily ever after!

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