Friday, September 6, 2013

a fond memory.

My fond memory
"Boom Boom" as the speakers cry out. I walk into the grandstand at the MN state fair. We are in the 9th row. I here "hey soul sister ain't that mister mister on the radio stereo" and i notice that Train is playing. I LOVE TRAIN! That song ends and the lead singer starts talking and he said that he needs dancing mermaids and i have to think... I FINALLY NOTICE THAT HE WANTS ALL THE GIRLS TO COME ON STAGE. At first i was like NO WAY. But then i got the self-confidence to go up on stage. I was the last one let on stage and the singer said for all the shorter people to come in the front and be his lead dancers. At this point I was overjoyed! I went in the front and he started one of his songs called "Mermaid". He wanted me to sing in the microphone so i did. It was SO scary... but i did it. Then we danced to that song and i danced with some other girls on stage and at the end of the song he was holding my hand but it was really sweaty! Then we bowed with him oh and in the middle of the song my dad came back from getting popcorn and drinks...he looked up and he saw ME and he had lok twice because he was surprised! Then they played the rest of there songs and at the end there were TONS of fireworks. And that was my 3rd huge concert. This is the state fair.