Thursday, May 22, 2014

4th Grade Essay

Hello, my name is Lauren Mooney. I am 1o years old. You might know me as that kid from Colorado,and if you do, you are correct! I moved here in August of 1st grade. Some of my friends sometimes call me witty too! I love Taylor Swift and I hate cheese,so in this story you can a learn a little bit about me with my likes and dislikes. Starting with my likes, I’ll start with school. I like having my friends around me, because if I didn not then school would be full of boringness. I also like my friends around school because then you can talk at lunch, and talk in class (when appropriate), and if you did not go to school, you would not meet most of all of your wonderful friends. One thing that is superior about school is the teachers. Some, if you want me to list are:
   Mrs. Quintus
   Mrs. Schaefer
   Mr. Barkley
   + many more!
 What makes them (+more) so superior is the way they teach, they’re kindness, they way the push kids to there’re fullest, they help you when you need help, and they make learning fun!
   Now onto what I out of school. First of all, I LOVE Taylor Swift!! I have all of her albums too! The reason why I like her is she is a great role model and has awesome music. Another reason I LOVE her is she is really nice to her fans, and I say that because, I went to one of her concerts and she has her mom and dad pick 10-15 people from the crowd and they get to meet Taylor Swift. Unfortunately that not the case for me. 2ndly I love my family outside of school. We play cards,(which I love) and go to malls, and all kinds of fun things! Last but not least, I love not like my friends. Of course we sometime fight, but I still love them.
      This is the part of my story I have trouble writing, but somethings are clear, that I HATE them. The first thing I am going to start off with is I HATE my schools lunch ( Clear Creek Elementary). Everything about them except one thing sucks. The one thing that doesn't is that sometimes they have a few fresh veggies, and most of the time not. A second thing I dislike about school is I don't like mean teachers. What I mean by that is, if they asin you a paper and you give it your all, but they still give you a horrible grade. The 3rd thing I dislike about school is I do not like running the mile run, or being forced to sing in front of Mr. A. It horrible running the mile because, it makes me feel horrible, and I know it’s good for you to run but it sucks. What I hate about being forced to sing  in front of Mr.A is not the singing part, its the part that we have to do it in front of Mr.A. I mean I love singing but not in front of people. I don't even sing in front of my friends. Outside of school I hate mean high school/ middle school kids because one time one of them threatened me with a knife. I HATE daycares. I dislike them because everyone makes you feel like you are in a cage.
     This is my story. About what I like,and what I don’t. As I said before, I have loved being a 4th grader and it’s unexpected journeys. I’m sad to say farewell to my teachers, but I’m sure I’ll see them soon and I’m excited to see what 5th grade has to come.

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