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  • Persuasive Essay:  Try and convince me to buy, or like something.

Are you in a rush to get to work, but you’re hair is a mess? Maybe you even need a shower? Introducing Rush N’ Brush. The solution to all of your problems. Rush N’ Brush is full of wonderful commands and serves all your needs. It has new high quality materials that makes it better than ever.
The Rush N’ Brush is a brush that surprises many people with what it can do. You fill it up with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and any of your favorite hair products. There is 5 spots on the brush where you can put products in and it also has water in it. It can hold two liters of water. The head of the brush has tiny holes to let out what's in the compartment in just one touch.
This wonder brush is only 6 inches long and 1 inch thick. It comes with a charger. The great thing is, if you charge it for 15 minutes it has 15 hours of battery life. Buy it for only 4 payments of $4.99 and I’ll throw in 2 extra free brushes. Just pay separate shipping and handling.

  • Informative Essay:  Write me a story about something that you know about.

GUESS WHAT! There are over 80 breeds of cats! Some of my favorite are Birman, Siberian, Toyger, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ragamuffin, Turkish Van, and Asian semi-longhair because they are fluffy and cute.
Cats can be smart but, some aren’t. The way to tell if a cat is smart is if they have a M on their forehead you know that that cat is smart. not very many breeds of cats are smart manly tabby cats are smart. Lots of people say that smart cats are cuter but, some say non smart cats are cuter.
       The Early Life Of A Cat
Kittens are so cute. The mama cat will have the litter and thats where the cat life begins. Most of the kittens in the world have 2 to 4 others in their litter but some are the only one and some have 7 others. I had a cat that had one kitten in her first litter and four in her second litter and she had one eye because she had some goop on it before it opened so it was not there when it opened. Her mom had 5 kittens in every litter we know of. Some moms are very protective of their kittens and some aren’t. Kittens are slimy when they are first born, some people say that they don’t have hair but they do it just looks like they don’t because they are slimey. Kittens drink mama's milk tell their mom runs out of milk that can be anywhere from six weeks to three months. Most kittens open their eye’s from one week to one month old. Cats start eating wet cat food at about one month to six weeks, they can start eating dry cat food at about two to three months. Almost every kitten is too crazy once they have their eyes open but, some aren’t and those are the ones that make great inside cats.

Taking Care Of Cats
If you are going to get a cat there are lots of things you have to prepare and buy. I’m going to tell you  the stuff you  need to do for a cat. If it’s an inside cat you should get it something to climb on and make sure it has somewhere to sleep. They HAVE too have a litter box unless it’s an inside outside cat but  it would be smart  to get it an inside litter box still you have to clean their litter box. Of course you need to give them a source of food and water.
If it’s going to be an outside cat you should feed them a little less than you would if it was an inside cat because they can hunt. If you can make a pile of sand so they know where to go the bathroom. You should give them shelter so they don’t have to hide as much. Don’t get a declawed cat and make it live outside. Thats about all I know about cats.

  • Narrative Essay:  This is a fiction story.  

Island Wonders

On one beautiful morning I have got in trouble when she went to the movie last night with Mat her boyfriend without telling her parents. Not until then that they knew she had a boyfriend either. They were really mad and so was Ivy. I have decided to pick up her phone and text her best friend Violet and asked if she wanted to "escape her mad house also know as runs away." She said she'd think about it and then she texted all her other friends. She got a response from Matt, and said that he would do what every I have wanted him to do so I have checked off his name on her check list. So far she had 2 people going on her trip. Then she got a response from Violet and said that she just got in trouble too so she was in. That's all the people she wanted to come so she told them all to pack their clothes and get ready. "We leave at midnight" she said to Matt and Violet. They all replied as "okay" and mat said, "I know someone who can fly us to Russia." Violet and Ivy said, "Okay." By then it was about 7:30 at night, and everyone was getting ready. On the other hand Ivy's brother Jack and Lyla Violet's sister were snooping on their conversations and were calling each other telling what was happening. They made a plan. The plan was to sneak in their bag's and be really quiet. So the plan was on. They snuck into their sibling's rooms and packed a few clothes at the bottom of there bags, so they wouldn't see. It was 11:00 and each family was asleep except the crew (Ivy, Violet, Mat, Jack, and Lyla) and by then Lyla and Jack were already in their bags and decided to bring wakie-takies to talk to each other. Everyone packed money, food, and clothes and plenty of it! They got on the road and about 15 minutes later they got to the airport with a note that said that a plane was reserved for them. All of them boarded the plane and the pilot prepared for take off.  As the 3 talked Jack and Lyla talked very quiet. About 15 minutes later the pilot dropped the breathing cup things and said they ran out of gas. Everyone screamed and Jack and Lyla got worried. Everyone prayed and there was a HUGE crash. Know one was hurt except the pilot. When they got out of the plane, they had a ceremony for the pilot and made a raft. They loaded the pilot on the raft and sent him down the river with a prayer. After that, they all went in the plane, and most of it was destroyed, but a lot of it was okay as well. They sat in the seats of the private plane and started talking. Then they heard a noise and Lyla and Jack crawled out of the suitcases. Everyone got mad at them but then they calmed down and everything was okay. They had a snack that they packed in the bottom of the bag and then rested in the private bedroom because the plane they came in was a private one. Then Violet turned on her phone and it was 6:45 in the morning, but she had no service so she couldn't call for help. They started thinking about how they would get out, and how would they survive. Violet thought to check in the gas tank. If they found any, they would use the magazines in the planes a paper and use the match in mat's bag and start a fire. They decided to do it later and to make a whole plan before they went out in to the wilderness that they've never explored. They got very tired, so they took apart the bed and shared blankets. The person on the bed didn't get a blanket though. Jack and Lyla slept on the bed, but they got a sheet and it was Lyla's dream come true because Lyla was in the same bed as Jack. After about 2 and a half hour later Ive got up and started to play a game on her phone as everyone kept sleeping. They were very lucky to have a nice plane because it had 2 floors. They hadn't yet discovered the second floor. Matt found a door in the ceiling, and it had a handle. He pulled it, and a staircase came down. There was a second floor. He said to everyone, "I found a second floor," and everyone came running. They went up the staircase, and there was a fully stocked kitchen, a bright orange room with a couch and TV. They kept exploring, and they found 7 bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower. Everyone was amazed. This was probably Taylor Swift's plane! I've found some steak in the fridge in the kitchen. She took it out and Jack and Lyla opened a door of a closet and there was a grill. Matt grilled the steak, and there was some green beans in the fridge too. Jack,and Lyla kept exploring, and they found another door and they thought it was another closet. Jack turned the handle, and it was a room with a table in it. Jack and Lyla said together, "We found a place to eat!" The steak was done and so was the green beans. Everyone went to the table, and about 3 minutes later there was a knock at the door. It opened and there was a lady. They invited her in to live with them, and they decided to live there forever. They lived happily ever after!

  • Research Paper:  Research something, and write a story about it.

The people of Latvia
Dear Reader,  
We are very fascinated in the country of Latvia, so we wrote this to help you learn more about the people of Latvia and to understand the culture of them. In this section you will learn some of the popular Latvian names and facts about the education.
Let’s start with the top 3 names of Latvia. The first most popular name in Latvia is Jånis Anna Bérziñß. The second most popular name is Andris Marija Kalniñ, and lastly the 3rd most popular name is Juris Kristîne Ozoliñß.  
As you know people make up the population of a country, state etc. so the population of Latvia is 2,259,810 (as of July 2007 est.)   
Secondly we will talk about religions in Latvia.  Some of the  religions include Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Russian Orthodox.The main religion, traditionally practiced in Latvia is Christianity. Lutheranism is the main Christian denomination among ethnic Latvians due to strong historical links with the Nordic countries and Northern Germany, while Roman Catholicism is most prevalent in Eastern Latvia (Latgale)  mostly due to Polish influence. The Latvian Orthodox Church is the third largest Christian church in Latvia, with an overwhelming amount of the members being Russian-speaking Soviet-era immigrants and their descendants. Also, a large portion of Latvians prefer to practice no religion.
    Latvia has a relatively high per capita ratio in respect to education. The country ensures free primary education and offers a large number of higher education programs. Foreign students from the Member States of the European Union pays for education the same amount as domestic students, and the Latvian education is highly regarded abroad. 5-7 year old children have to participate in pre-school programs provided by general education companies and work buildings or kindergartens as a part of the required basic education. The objective of the pre-school education is to foster general development of children and to prepare to enter primary stage of the higher grades in education.
We hope you like these facts about the people in Latvia and that you have learned something in reading this. We hope this makes you get interested in Latvia and want to learn and research it more! Hopefully, you enjoy it as much as we do!      
     Population and Geography In Latvia
We are studying this country because it was one of the smallest country we could find on the map. Also we researched it and it looked very amusing and interesting! DO you want to know about Latvia’s population? Well, we want to tell you so here we go!
The population of Latvia in 2005 was at 2,300,000, as an estimate which placed it at number 138 in population among the 193 nations of the world, so as you have read, it is pretty small!  One interesting thing is in 2005, approximately 16% of the population was over 65 years of age, with another 15% of the population under 15 years of age. There were 84 males for every 100 females in the country.
The population density was 36 per sq km (92 per sq mi).There were 75 urban localities, many located on rivers or coastal areas.  The capital city, Riga, had a population of 733,000 in that year, Daugavpils, another big city,  had an estimated population of 124,887.
Latvia is generally a very flat country of low-lying plains, mainly covered by forest and trees. There are some low hills in the west and far southeast.
A few high hills are found to the east of Riga, the capital of Latvia, with the highest point being the Gaizinkalns Mountains at 1,022 ft.  Small lakes and swamps cover the countryside. Important rivers include the Daugava, Gauja, Lielupe, Venta and Salaca.  About 10% of Latvian territory includes of peat bogs, swamps, and marshes, some of which are covered by stunted and slowed forest growth. Forests are the outstanding feature of Latvia, claiming 42% of the territory and land.

We hope you learned about Latvia’s population and geography like how many people live there and if they have forests or not.  We have been very interested in Latvia and hopefully you are too now from reading this.
Latvian Animals
This paragraph will be about Latvian animals. Latvia is a wonderful country, full of wonderful animals like deer, fish, and birds. Animals are found here that are not found anywhere else in the world.
We’ve written this essay to express our interests in LatVia. So read on to find more about some of the vast varieties of animals that live in Latvia.  
The European Roe deer, is the most small deer in Latvia. It is the size of a large dog, doesn't tolerate deep snow well, and has difficulty surviving winters. Which would not do well in Iowa. The Roe deer has an average of 40-70 lbs. and is usually around 3-4 ½ ft. in length.  
   The whiskered bat is a small, animal with a pointy face, short, pointed ears and lots of fur.  It’s average life span is 4 years, but they can live up to 24 years of age. Their diet contains lots of bugs including gnats, mayflies, moths and mosquitoes. It is normally 4 to 8 grams in weight.  
      Stoats, also known as a Mustela erminea are similar to short-tailed weasels. In the winter the erminea’s coat turns to a white color and in the warm weather it’s coat turns brown like a squirrel's. Their diet includes, rodents such as mice and rats. They also eat rabbits, birds, eggs and even fish. One of the Stoat’s many gifts include tree climbing.  
   The field vole is a type of rodent, like all voles.  Field voles have a coat of gray-brown fur covering their skin that is just over 5 in. These voles weigh  anywhere from 14-50 grams.  They are also known as short-tailed voles.  Field voles eat a diet of green leaves and grass at night.  
 I hope you learned a lot from this.  As you can see Latvia has lots of fascinating animals.  There is much much more, but there is too much to write about.   

         Music in Latvia
We have been studying Latvia in our last essays, We have been writing about population, animals, and people. Now we are going to write about music as you have read in the title. After you have read this you will be full of facts and will want to let it all out. So read on to learn about the music in Latvia.
The tradition of folk dancing and choral music is very strong in Latvia.
Latvian folk dance also provides fun and entertainment for performers and guests at social gatherings, weddings and traditional festivals such as Jani (the summer solstice). The Song and Dance festivals (dating back to 1873) provide a routine  in which dance groups from far and wide can show off their imagination and skills. The very complex dance patterns and the colorful costumes are great to watch and fun to perform.
Traditional Latvian music is sometimes set to traditional poetry called dainas.  A diana, or tautas dziesma, is a traditional form of music or poetry from Latvia. Lithuanian dainas share similar traits, however have been more influenced by European folk song traditions. Latvian dainas often feature pre-Christian themes and legends, drone vocal styles and can be accompanied by musical instruments such as the Baltic zithers . Dainas tend to be very short usually 4-liners and are usually in a trochaic or a dactylic metre. One of the many instruments in Latvia is the ģīga a two-stringed bowed zither. The instrument is descended from the psalmodicon, a bowed monochord developed in Sweden in 1829 for liturgical singing. From there it filtered down to the Latvian peasants who added a second string for harmony.  The trejdeksnis is a percustabule.

The stabule is a whistle, usually made from wood, or a reed. The photograph below shows a wooden stabule.

We hope you enjoyed this section of our essay. Now you know more about music around the world and particularly in Latvia. Thank you for reading! We have enjoyed studying this and I hope you enjoy reading!

Fashion in Latvia

In this final section of our country report we are going to finish with Fashion. When you are done reading this, after reading all the other sections you will be a Latvian Wiz! So to put the final piece of the puzzle together and read on.
In Latvia the fashion is very similar to America’s style of clothing. The women, mothers, and wives usually hand-make the clothing out of cloth and fabric that they can afford. The men wear a suit and tie to work and women wear white, puffy dresses with poofs on the ends. At special occasions they wear a traditional robe like toga.  The mothers also make the families shoes out of fabric that they can buy cheap. The people in Latvia are not very wealthy so they get whatever they can. The Folk dress in Latvia has played and still plays an important symbolic role in the preservation of national values and cultural heritage and in the creation of a feeling of peace and bring togetherness of the people.

18th-19th Century

We have most knowledge of Latvian ethnic dress of the late 18th and 19th centuries as most records and items of festive clothing have been preserved from this period. Written records from the 18th century prove that the most common color of Latvian robe’s dress was the natural white and grey of linen and wool. Until the beginning of the 19th century, when natural dyes were still used, most Latvians’ clothes were natural grey, while for decoration they kept to the century-old traditional four-color arrangement of blue, red, yellow, and green.

National Costume for Men

Men wear a tunic type shirt, a pair of trousers and jacket as their national costume. Till the middle of the nineteenth century men used to wear trousers up to below their knee. The socks that men wore were knee-length. After the middle of the 19th century Latvian men started wearing longer length trousers occasionally tucked inside their socks.
We loved teaching you all these new facts and hope you learned something so you can teach your friends. By now you should be a Latvian Wiz. Hope you are and hope you had fun! Thanks for reading!

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